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Little Writer Boy

A young boy spends his days sitting in an alley, writing

My Bright Day

A fantastical encounter with light

Night Time

A day in the forest transforms into a vision of the world of happiness

Just One Letter Away

It’s the last day of school before summer vacation, but Ia isn’t happy—it’s the last day she’ll see her best friend

Birthday Party Wonderings

After ten months without attending a birthday party, the narrator has developed a new appreciation for their rituals

Hidden Opportunities

Olivia is devastated when she learns her family is moving away from lush, beautiful California to drab, grey New York City

The Hummingbird Whisperer

After finding two abandoned baby hummingbirds, Michael must work hard to keep them alive

Chinese Test

For Mason, a Chinese test feels like an odyssey

Feather Finding

The writer is thrilled to find a rare yellow feather

Losing Nani

After her grandmother dies, Maya reflects on what she most loved about her

Miserable Day


Food Circus






Willow Grove


Hungry Time


Lines of Grace




Happy Camper


Abstract Self Portrait


Rainbow Wishes


San Francisco Bay


Rainbow Feather


Nest Building


My Dream


The Flower in Space


Taking Flight


Woman with Chicken




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