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Photo Credit: Sage Millen, 14

Peer-to peer-inspiration. Children learning from each other. That is at the core of the Stone Soup Creative Writing Project. Texts by kids speak to other kids in ways that build up, reinforce, and push students to work harder. Your students can also publish with Stone Soup, which provides them with an additional incentive for pursuing creative excellence in the classroom.

This is a vast website with over 20 years’ worth of Stone Soup issues, hundreds of blog posts and book reviews by kids, and much more. This page is intended to help you navigate to more curated material that offers a starting point into the site and to creative writing projects for you to teach and/or for students to work on independently.

We are in a beta testing phase with this site. Please let us know how this works for you; write to us at education@stonesoup.com. We are also happy to speak with any of you via Zoom.

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