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From William’s Stone Soup Writing Workshop #71: Stream of Consciousness (Revisited)

The Writing Challenge: Write a stream of consciousness piece for thirty minutes. This journey follows a path that is set down by the mind you are portraying in your story. That mind might, itself, not know where the ideas are coming from. Become your character, and let her take you on a journey into her mind.


I can do it. I can win. Win the race. Beat the high schoolers.

People are cheering for me, cheering for me, of all people. My four good friends are jumping up and down, shouting encouragement. But the finish line seems a million miles away. Wait, are there even a million miles on Earth?

They are winning. The high schoolers. They are beating me. This isn’t right. Just like how it wasn’t right when a mean boy stole my ginormous Kit-Kat bar I had gotten on Halloween. Or was it a Twix bar? I like Kit-Kat bars better. But all chocolate bars are good.

I should’ve practiced more, spent more time on the track. But being on the track is so tiring, and then I go to bed early, and then I don’t have time for homework, and then I get bad grades. Just because I ran.

But there is no going back, just like how there is no going back after you turned in homework and realized that it had been wrong after you left school. Once, that happened to me and I had panicked on the bus. Everyone had laughed at me. I hate homework.

I need to go faster, as fast as the wind or as me and my friends during lunchtime on Taco Tuesday. I like Taco Tuesday. Especially the shrimp tacos, although the school doesn’t always have them, even on Taco Tuesday. Not having the best kind of tacos on Taco Tuesday! Unbelievable.

Some of the high schoolers are behind me. Some are in front of me. Some look angry.

Some even look amused. Amused? Doesn’t that mean, like, funny? I’m not sure. I’ve never been good at vocabulary. I’m better at running and athletic stuff than actual school subjects.

You can read the rest of Pearl’s piece at https://stonesoup.com/stone-soup-writing-workshop/

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The Stone Soup Writing Workshop began in March 2020 during the COVID-19-related school closures. In every session, a Stone Soup team member gives a short presentation and then we all spend half an hour writing something inspired by the week’s topic or theme. We leave our sound on so we feel as though we are in a virtual café, writing together in companionable semi-silence! Then, participants are invited to read their work to the group and afterward submit what they wrote to a special Writing Workshop submissions category. Those submissions are published as part of the workshop report on our blog every week. You can read more workshop pieces, and find information on how to register and join the workshop, at https://stonesoup.com/stone-soup-blog/.