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From the Stone Soup Blog


Salma Hadi-St. John
Salma Hadi-St. John, 11
Oak Park, IL

My friends are all gone
My life has disappeared
Into a new world of loneliness
It is just my family and I

Loneliness is like a tree in the desert
The only cat in town
A star stuck in space
A speck of dust in the air

Loneliness is when you are the only one
At your birthday party
When you sit on the steps of your porch
On a dark rainy day

It feels like I am trapped inside
Waiting for people to come
Watching the clock on the wall
Scratching the door like a dog

But sometimes you just have to fight
You can’t be alone everyday

When I wake up today
It is the start of a new day

We can be a force together
We just need to reach out for each other
Feeling happiness again

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