April 2022


“I’m an average gymnast. To me, competition isn’t always about winning. It’s about the drive.” I nervously step into the arena, itching at my rhinestone-covered leotard. My hair is pulled back in a tight bun as voices echo off the ceiling that soars above my head. The cold concrete floor tickles my bare feet. I […]

Eyes Full of Wonder

A doorway to the starry sky where the stars shine so bright in the night you can see as clear as daylight the world full of wonder your eyes like a window for your soul grass so green and clean it almost seems as if a dream Katie Furman, 10Fogelsville, PA

The Case of the Catnapped Cat, Thomas

Julia resolves to find a missing cat and reunite him with his bereft owner “Julia, would you be a dear and read the San Diego Times to me?” My grandma speaks with a scratchy voice as she slowly lies down on her crooked bed. Silver threads of moonlight shine through the window and blend with […]

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