February 2020

Sounds of the Night

The water ripples, The nightingale sings, The leaves swish in the wind. The night can be so loud. Elizabeth Ableson, 7Darien, CT

Skull Tumor

An unexpected illness changes a boy’s life “Sit down,” my mom said with a smile. “Let me tell you the story of when God came through for you.” It all started when I was a little baby. My mom saw something particularly important on the right side of my head. A bump? That’s strange, my […]

It Will Never Be the Same

Left alone after her best friend moves away, the narrator struggles with loneliness Just a day ago, I saw my best friend, Yaëlle. But as my eager eight-year-old eyes scanned the crowded recess yard, there was no sign of her. My heart dropped as I remembered she had moved to her hometown in Switzerland. I […]