January/February 2024

Stone Soup Honor Roll: January/February 2024

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can’t publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The […]

Highlight from Stonesoup.com

From the Stone Soup Blog She Needed Me and I Needed Her: “The Summer We Found the Baby” The Summer We Found the Baby, by Amy Hest, is a realistic fiction novel set in Belle Beach, New York, during World War II. The book’s main characters are Julie, age eleven; Julie’s little sister, Martha, age […]

January 14th in Asheville. Year 2023.

No one is awake, and the silence is so absolute that you can hear the universe rearrange itself outside my window. It is blue-gray and a moth-eaten blanket of snow barely covers everything. The wind whips whistles whines ROARS. It is the bleak midwinter, and I the only thing alive. I lift the blind and […]