January/February 2011


Do you love to hear sweet songs? Go outside and listen for All kinds of birds chirping. Go to your local park Sit on a swing and look around See that you’re free There are no wars or fights going on. Look and see that you’re safe from evil. The snow is melting Time is […]

Freedom Run

Sometimes he would jog around the enclosure as a special treat for the viewers It had been years since Kimbabwe had run. He lazily draped a paw over the edge of his rock, letting the warm sun shine in his eyes. His cage at the zoo was much too small to get up the kind […]

The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery, by Siobhan Dowd; David Fickling Books: New York, 2008; $15.99 The London Eye Mystery is perfect for any reader who is looking for a spectacular book with an even balance of suspense, warmth, and mystery. Told from the perspective of Ted Sparks, a unique preteen with Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of […]

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