January/February 2013

Finding Keeper

“A loss, no matter the size, hurts” It was late October on the verge of November and the sky had lost all of its brightness, taking on the stark, ink-black tone of night. On and on it stretched, broken only by occasional clusters of stars. It was cold, too. A cold that seeped all the […]

An Indescribable Feeling

The finest time to go fishing is at dusk. A hazy fog is settling over the lake, and the sun sits perched just above the crown of the tree line, casting a multitude of soft colors. I prepare myself, sliding slowly into the canoe, balancing myself and making sure not to fall into the crisp […]

The Trains That Went By 31 Years Ago

I watch the trains go by The sky takes on a purple haze that seems unique to London As I slowly fall asleep, I try to imagine my father doing the same thing, decades ago I am lying in the house he grew up in, in the same bed, with the same blanket I imagine […]