July/August 2009


Her pudgy feet ran through the grass Sparkling in the morning dew Her footprints left a trail behind her Impressions on the cold ground She ran Her feet stumbling on unfamiliar territory She tripped and stumbled to the ground She rose without hesitation and again began her pursuit Of the beautiful winged creature Its wings […]

Falling Trees and Riddles

Sabrina had been preparing for this for weeks. The small girl, with the statuesque figure and her hair pulled tightly back into a high ponytail, surrounded by a foil scrunchie, looked radiant in her amethyst team leotard. She sparkled, not so much from the glittery rhinestones sewn to her chest in a waterfall formation going […]

The Other Side of the Island

The Other Side of the Island, by Allegra Goodman; Penguin Young Readers Group: New York, 2008; $16.99 Imagine living in a world of rules—a world where the first letter of your name is chosen by the year you were born, a world where the weather is programmed each day. This is Honor’s world in The […]