July/August 2015

My Grandfather’s Words

One day we were riding in the car Talking about his work He speaks so deeply about everything Has a philosophical point of view. Talks to me like an adult As if I understand The amount of wood needed to construct a frame And how business works. Nonetheless, I listen And do so very intently […]

Different City, Same Stars

I jolt awake when I hear the stewardess’s too perky voice come over the plane’s intercom system. “We will be landing in New York in just about fifteen minutes. I hope you all have enjoyed your flight thus far…” I zone out when she starts to ramble on about the weather conditions and time in […]

The Chickens

In a comic explosion of feathers, the hens race to the safety of a compost pile. I wave a dirty dish rag after them, a warning not to get too close to our first outside dinner of the year. They start to creep forward, combs waving, lured by the plates of food we are bringing […]

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