July/August 2016

Don’t Talk to Strangers

A TRUE STORY   “Yeah, I think just a cheeseburger will be fine,” I told my dad as we stood outside McDonald’s. “I’ll take Beacon while you do that.” I grabbed my dog’s leash from my father as he strolled into the restaurant. Seconds later, my brother emerged. We watched as cars, spewing smelly exhaust, […]

Scarlet Spring

Kanuna stood silently in the soft, grassy meadow, taking in deep gulps of the fresh spring air. The winter had been timeless and bitter, but now spring was here. It was only a few weeks ago when Kanuna had noticed the first little shoot of grass shyly peek its head through the silent blanket of […]

High Dive

My toes curl and uncurl on the sandpaper-rough diving board. I shiver as I stare into the glittering pool. The chlorine smell turns my stomach. I know I’m eventually going to have to jump, but I just can’t. I stand, letting the wind chill my tan skin. It’s the last day of summer, and I’m […]