July/August 2019


Penguin Classics: New York, 2003; originally published in 1818. Before I begin this review, I want you to think of everything you think you know about Frankenstein. What comes to mind even when I think of Frankenstein is the classic depiction from the old horror movies. The insane doctor with a German accent screaming, “It’s […]

A Little Princess

Harper Classics: New York, 1998; originally published in 1905. I consider myself privileged. I have a wonderful family, live in a big house in the suburbs, and I go to a highly-ranked school. My family really cares about me. I have a great life with wonderful opportunities and perform well in school and in the […]

A Little Princess

Harper Classics: New York, 1998;originally published in 1905. What does a person really need in order to be happy? If you were to lose every tangible thing which gives you joy now, what intangible things would make life still worth living? The novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett answers these two questions from […]

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