June 2020


the sounds of morning greet me with unpleasant cheer the world’s awake after what feels like years of solitude the earth is smiling the birds are singing but still i lay heavy like a log refusing to move things are happening cities are bubbling boiling with life and sound mixing and whirring machines go round […]

summer nights

summer nights are cool like ice cubes melting in your mouth stars paint the roof over our heads rewriting the world the breeze lays low sneaking its way like a serpent parting armies of ivy nights like paintings the nights you’ll remember Juliet Del Fabbro, 11Richmond, VA


my toes grip the edge as i peer down down into the blue hole of gloom my heart becomes a motorcycle running on the adrenaline of summer adventure wind scrapes my cheek as my knees shake weakly the dark swirls call me chanting jump pulling me with a rope i drop Juliet Del Fabbro, 11Richmond, […]