June 2022

Food Circus

I think I think About a circus. Clowns juggle 1,000 cookies each. Lions jump Through giant donuts. The crowd. It watches. Their cheeks full. With cotton candy. Popcorn too. I think I think About a circus. A magician Goes POOF. It disappears. I think I think about a circus. Eva Denne, 9Newton, NJ

Miserable Day

It is a day. A miserable day. I hear Thunder booming, Rain crashing, And the slosh Of my brother’s rain boots. I watch Through my window. I see Trees getting wet, Look closely and see Tiny droplets Of water. I see a car Struggling to see In the fogginess And rain. I am thankful That […]

Feather Finding

The writer is thrilled to find a rare yellow feather On the way back from a baseball game, the game I hit my first double, I was walking up to the snack bar with all five saved snack tickets clutched in my hand. I decided to walk farther up, when SCREEEEEEECH! I stopped dead in […]

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