March 2020


Sometimes nature calls to you And you long to be outside Basking in the full light of the moon Or maybe the babbling brook Nearby your house Holds an importance That it has never possessed before And even if you don’t mean to You suddenly find yourself Outside turning cartwheels on the grass Watching the […]

In My Liquid Tourmaline

In this shimmering liquid tourmaline A teal and gold-breasted kingfisher whistles in the green pines As the lake’s cool breath whispers in my ear She speaks of laughing trout gliding in her belly Humans pouring acid in her veins And her tree friends she has lost I am wrapped in the scent of salt and […]

Slaying Monsters

William Morgan prepares to surf the same enormous waves that killed his father The usual morning fog is persistent today. The long jetty near Pillar Point is swallowed by the soupy grey, seemingly disappearing into the abyss. Through the panoramic view of my bedroom window, I see Half Moon Bay coming to life in the […]