March/April 2003


The full moon shone lazily through the drifting night clouds, casting barely any light on the boarded warehouses slumping along the empty streets. Through the dank alleys, an ebony shadow slipped unperturbed, defining the true meaning of discreet. For the skinny, jet-black cat, this was high hunting time. Any vermin she saw or heard she […]

Forget Me Not

For most of my life, I have not had any pets. My brother and I are allergic to anything with fur. Then one spring, we found our first praying mantis, which changed our lives forever. For several more summers, we enjoyed playing with these unique creatures. One particular summer, a new batch of baby praying […]

Camellia the Bald

Camellia the Bald by E. W. Zrudlo; Coastal Carolina Press: Wilmington, North Carolina, 2001; $9.95 If someone asks Jon o’Gates a question, he usually talks too much and tends to digress, which means he gives unnecessary information and gets off the subject a lot. Jon o’Gates is a character in a fascinating book called Camellia […]