March/April 2004

The Kingdom of Stones

Even as a young child, I had an inclination to watch people. Not in a bad way; I didn’t gossip or be judgmental, I just observed. The ways of people interested me greatly. When I was about six, a new family, the Burkes, moved in beside mine. Just watching them carry their things into the […]

I Ripped It

I remember Once By mistake I ripped a map It was on my kitchen table And I was looking for you Buildings were split in half . . . And my road Led to yours Wouldn’t that be great If it were real? I’d rip a map And I’d be right next To you, again […]

A Beautiful Memory

This Saturday morning I slept in. I knew I didn’t have to get up for anything except a tennis lesson at one o’clock. When I finally rolled out of bed at eleven, I stumbled downstairs to get breakfast. Today it was hard-boiled eggs and toast. I ate thankfully, for I was hungry, as I often […]