March/April 2006


“Swim, Amelia, swim faster,” Star screamed. My hands and feet moved faster and faster towards the ship but the pressure of water was pulling me deeper into the sea. I looked at the ship as it moved farther. “Stop the ship, Jack, please,” I heard Star’s voice. “I can’t, the waves are moving it,” Jack […]


Michael’s eyes, the biggest, bluest eyes imaginable, glazed over with absolute ecstasy as he beheld the sand-crusted sea treasure sprawling in his hand. The creature squirming on the toddler’s pink palm writhed and stretched, its legs curling as they reached towards the weak, cloud-strewn blue sky—slowly, painfully—until its motions became too much, and it lay […]

Me, Myself, and My Personality

Freedom, that’s what pushed out of me on that day “Can we please do it again? Please?” My mother looked at me, dumbfounded. “No way,” she replied. “When I saw you go upside down, I thought you were going to fall. You know how I feel about roller coasters.” “Oh, Mom, you are so cautious. […]