March/April 2007


STARTING LINE I roll my head from side to side in an attempt to be nonchalant. My teammates look at me questioningly, and then ask, “Can we go now?” impatiently. I nod vaguely, lead them in a jog for about thirty meters, then turn around and run briskly back to the starting line. Once there […]


As Mel picked up the phone, my freshly bitten fingernails dug into the wooden carvings that decorated our antique chaise lounge. But the look he gave me after a few seconds made my heart sink for the gazillionth time that evening. Why weren’t they calling? As he hung up the phone, Mel let out a […]

The Strawberry Olympics

  Looking back at this I realize how important Chad was and still is to me. I realized that he was no longer Chase’s little brother, and was now my cousin that I loved, no, my brother that I loved. I always loved going to Atlanta to visit my family. Well, mostly the Sittens. Let […]