March/April 2008

Big Dreams for Number Seven

When Alicia awoke she first thought she was in heaven. Indeed, everything around her was white: the sheets, the curtains, the furnishings. She sat up in bed and instantly felt a shot of pain course through her knee. She lay back down and stared at the ceiling. Then it came back to her: it had […]

Home, and Other Big Fat Lies

Home, and Other Big Fat Lies by Jill Wolfson; Henry Holt and Company: New York, 2006; $16.95 This story begins when the great and mighty “Termite” gets sent to her twelfth foster home. People call Whitney Termite because she is hyper and small for her age. Whitney has always lived in the city, but this […]

A Light Shining Out of the Darkness

Orion padded along through the dense undergrowth, his leather-coated feet silent as death’s cruel hand as they compressed the damp soil. His mother, Selena’s, words, clear and simple as a raindrop, echoed through his head, “I need you to fill this basket with ashberries.” Orion nodded, forgetting that his mother’s words were only a reverie. […]