March/April 2010


I curl my cold fingers Around the yellow Frisbee Coil my arm back Dip it low, flex my wrist, Release. It sails smoothly through the air Floats gently above my father’s head And then The wind carries it slowly Into his waiting hands He smiles and tosses it Back into the wind I am prepared […]

Flying Against the Wind

In a marsh, long green grass reaching up to touch the sun swayed slightly in the cool morning breeze. The marsh was teeming with animal and insect life. A snake slithered through the grasses looking for mice while an osprey swooped low overhead, wind ruffling its feathers. The osprey was looking for an animal to […]

Someone Absolutely New

A dull, cloudy morning, On the couch with my parents, Cozy, like the three little bears. My dad holds the camera, …Why? An unexpected turn in the lethargic morning conversation My dad tells me to look at some papers, Confused and unsure, Why are they meant for me to read? All the words on the […]