March/April 2011

You Are My Sunshine

    I found a high branch to sit on, near the canopy CHAPTER ONE I start to shiver and my feathers begin to puff instinctively. It’s getting colder, and I can tell through the slats in my crate that it must be night. The humming of the truck mingles with the soft song of […]

Roller Skating

The wheels Crunch over the pea gravel As sweat Crowds my tomato-red face. My legs are constantly moving Pumping with pure Adrenaline. A puddle Crammed with mud Stretches over the cement sidewalk. Consumed with laughter And joy I am too delirious To see the hazard. My body Is shot into the air And my arms […]

Home Is Where You’re Happy

Nothing mattered. Leah was leaving It wasn’t true. It couldn’t be. Leah shook her head in disbelief, not accepting that she could be moving away from her beloved home in Chardon, Ohio. Sure, she’d known the possibility had been there, but she didn’t believe something this awful could happen to her. The news had been […]