March/April 2013

Katie’s League

“This is no place for a girl,” he said. “Go home and play with your dollies” I stood in my backyard, wearing the clothes that I hid from my mama. A T-shirt and jeans, with a baseball cap atop my head. Boy, would Mama scream if she saw me wearing this. But I hate itchy […]

Gold and Silver Stars

“I was thinking—don’t you think those stars resemble us?” “So I’m doing my science project on contraptions or robots,” Jess said smoothly. She was talking to Bailey, who was on the other end of the phone. “Yeah. Can I do it with you?” Jess stopped. Uh-oh, she thought, better tell her now. “Bailey, I’m really […]

My Chicken

With curious eyes The inquisitive bird Struts slowly towards its new discovery. What could it be, That strange creature, with fur; and nose placed so queerly? It just jumped down from my lap, And is now rounding the coop. Its tail twists all around, Like a long, coily snake. But it’s fuzzy, not smooth, And […]