March/April 2015


“No, it can’t be.” Slowly my hands caressed the sweetsmelling leather of his bridle, and my fingers traced the small letters engraved on the tiny brass nameplate. J-U-D-A-H. Judah. My gaze dropped from my friend’s sympathetic face to the bridle in my hands to hide the tears welling up in my eyes. The only thing […]

My Rope Swing

Threads of twine twisted together Working to keep me up As I swing into the air My hair trailing behind me. Crashing my legs into the bushes I get scratched all over But I don’t care Holding onto the rope with all my might. Wind slashes against my cheeks Bark and twigs fall in my […]

No Regrets

My sneakers pounded the red turf as I circled the track. Sweat ran down my neck and I wiped my stinging eyes. Beside me ran Rhonda Monroe, her braids flying out behind her. “You’re slow, Bailey. You shouldn’t be on the track team. Bye bye,” she jeered as she shot away from me. I gritted […]