March/April 2016


Taja closed her eyes and took in the nauseating smell of smokers and mothballs. She knew this smell. All buses smelled like this, and normally, it didn’t bother Taja. But today, it reminded her of her parents. Her parents who took her on bus rides every Saturday to go to the Indian market she loved. […]

The Way Back Home

“Hey look, everybody! It’s the loser! Hey shrimp, how’s your dad doing?” Joey hooted and pointed a grubby finger at Finn, who stood horrified as the group of kids on the playground laughed. Finn lowered his head and pretended not to hear them as he walked slowly off the playground and back to the classroom. […]


A mound of fur, tongues, tails, clumsy paws, and deep brown eyes, laughing with the ecstasy of play The heap seems its own creature, without distinction between separate bodies Teeth nip, paws bat, tongues kiss, tails flash from side to side, a blur of pure happiness With playful growls and tackles and pounces, with not […]