May/June 2002

Feelings Towards a Bear

I was playing with them, actually playing with them. They were just like Dad’s rug, but my size, and alive! I cuddled in their soft black fur. Their padded leather paws threw me and I fell, laughing. We rolled into each other and onto each other. And their big round eyes looked at me, comfortingly. […]

This Is the Life

“Brandon! Brandon, can you weed the flower bed in the front yard?” Mom called from the kitchen. I let out a groan. “Aw, Mom, please don’t make me! I had to go with Dad to the store in that stupid backfiring car. Can’t I rest a little?” “But it looks sloppy, and Mrs. Kelly is […]

Lost Friendship

Whenever I see Joanne, I always notice the red scar on her beautiful long legs. Although it was just a small scar, it seemed so noticeable on her feminine and beautiful legs. Joanne is the prettiest girl in my class. She has deep chestnut hair that she can flick about her face and shining crystal […]