May/June 2009

The Ship in a Bottle

Sarah stared at the detail in the rigging of the tiny ship inside the glass bottle the window of the Chandlery had to offer. She hoped someday it could be her personal vessel. If it were hers, oh, the marvelous adventures she would send it on! But the time for daydreaming was over. The day […]

Beating the Storm

I zoom uphill Take a cautious turn onto the road Coasting downhill feels great Like jumping in the ocean No pedaling, a cool breeze Still lurking in my mind The thought of pushing the limit To go back uphill I slowly come across a steep hill My thighs burn I am going in slow motion […]

The Drawing

“I’m moving.” Anabeth stared at Leo. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were wide. “What?” “I’m moving to New York City.” Anabeth gulped. “Funny. Ha ha,” she said tentatively. “It’s not a joke. I’m moving.” The words seemed to hang in the air. Anabeth stared at Leo across the basketball she held in […]