May/June 2015

Paradise Blue

When I grow up someday, I’ll paint my house paradise blue, An oasis among the streets. Wind chimes will line the porch, And will ring like almost forgotten songs Spilling into the depths of a cavern. Proud, leafy trees will hold birdhouses high. Like a giant yellow ball of joy, A forsythia bush will guard […]

The Voice of the Seal

By Evelyn Chen Illustrated by Teah Laupapa “Good night, Cordelia and Georgia,” Mom said. She smiled at us and gently shut the bedroom door behind her. I listened as her footsteps receded down the hall. It was our first night at the beach house in Oregon. Every summer, we came down here with my cousins […]


What a beautiful day! Charlotte bounded home from school, eager to get back to their ranch. As usual, halfway there, her lady collie, Sunbeam, patiently waited for her. They traveled home together. When they reached the ranch house, Charlotte was greeted by the fragrant smell of blooming flowers, which was not unusual. “Welcome, spring!” she […]