May/June 2015


What a beautiful day! Charlotte bounded home from school, eager to get back to their ranch. As usual, halfway there, her lady collie, Sunbeam, patiently waited for her. They traveled home together. When they reached the ranch house, Charlotte was greeted by the fragrant smell of blooming flowers, which was not unusual. “Welcome, spring!” she […]

Loving You from Far Away

Passing on As I look up, you look down, but our love still shines bright As it meets in one place From there it lights up the night sky Moonlit love Moving As the night chirps I send my love to you For you also used to hear this jolly nighttime song But now I […]

Just Don’t Quit

Everyone in my class who plays piano hates practicing. They all say, “Ugh, my mom is so annoying, she says I can quit piano when I am thirteen.” In my case, it’s the opposite way around. Mom encourages me to quit when I whine about practicing. Of course no kid likes practicing, so I have […]