November/December 2004

The 54th Rider

Sandra looks out into the crowd. Her face is firm, her lips set in a straight line. This is it—the moment she’s been waiting for for nearly ten years. She pulls her hat brim down over her eyes and pulls on her gloves, worn from the hard labor back when she helped her father on […]

The Tide of Happiness

I was pulled up, Only to be sucked back down. The sea lurched and charged! My hand reached to clasp my father’s. Instead I dove With a new strength, Fooling the incoming wave. As I surfaced, Gasping, laughing, My father’s hand met my own, And together we ducked, The sand churning beneath our feet, While […]

The Sea Lion Waltz

The beach was still, the sand untouched. The only sounds were the wind and the breaking of the waves on the shore. Ally doubted that she, Olivia, and Jake were allowed there, as it was a private beach, but chose to ignore that piece of information. They continued along the path, finally reaching the sand. […]