November/December 2004

Grandpa’s Locket

“So, Grandpa, how’s life been treating you?” my older brother asked cheerfully. My grandpa just shot back an icy look, looking at him for a long time without a blink. “OK,” my brother whispered, raising his eyebrows. “So, Dad,” my mom said with a fake smile, “are you planning to go on vacation or something? […]

Elf Hat

I took the shiny red scissors and stuck the blades into the tape that mummified the brown package. I love getting packages in the mail. I love the smell of tape and cardboard, the promise within the shadowy depths of packing peanuts and something to pull out and unwrap. As I worked at the tape, […]

Good Night, Son

The soft patter of rainfall filled the attic of the tiny house in Boston. Peter Carrol sat alone in the attic, surrounded by old photos and clothing. All of the memorabilia belonged to his son; a son who was no longer alive, a son who was his pride and joy; a son who was cruelly […]

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