November/December 2005

A Boy No More

A Boy No More, by Harry Mazer; Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing: New York, zoo4; $15.95 Harry Mazer’s book, A Boy No More, is set during World War II. On December 7, 1941, Adam Pelko, a fourteen-year-old boy, and his friends Davi and Martin were in a rowboat when the bombs fell on the USS […]

Maddie’s Little Miracle

The movie droned on: ” . . . though today some of the canyons hold man-made lakes. This played an important role in the discovery of . . . ” I slumped down in my seat and let out a deep yawn, despite my efforts at fighting it. How could they expect anyone to be […]

The Voice That Challenged a Nation

The Voice That Challenged a Nation, by Russell Freedman; Clarion Books: New York, 2oo4; $18 Marian Anderson was a great opera singer during the 1930s and 1940s. She was also an African- American. Marian was born on February 27, 1897, in South Philadelphia. She was the oldest of three daughters of John and Anna Anderson. […]