November/December 2005

The Burden of Words

Today is gray. A sluggish gray, tantalizing us with memories of the sunny days we could see Popocateptl. The day has been immersed with haze, clouds clotting the sky. It’s on days like this that the pollution becomes an accomplice with my asthma, draining my nose and rasping my throat. Rasping my thoughts. My head […]


Have you found a landing site yet, Mallory?” roared General Landings, gray hairs bristling. In the close confines of the ship’s cockpit, the sound nearly blew my eardrums out. I gritted my teeth and said, “Not yet sir. I’m scanning as we speak sir.” “Well get on with it!” He turned away and I shook […]


Tick-tick. Tick-tick. The turn signal silenced as Dad rounded the last curb. After a long car ride, Orchard Drive was finally in view. My soon-to-be new house loomed in the distance. It was a sort of gloomy gray color with a ruby-red door that stood out against the drab surroundings. I had decided to like […]