November/December 2006

Tested Dreams

A nine-year-old girl sat on her parents’ bedroom window seat looking out at the stormy, gray sky It’s going to rain, thought the girl. It’s going to mimic how I feel. Slowly the girl lowered her tear-filled brown eyes to her right knee. It felt a little better now, but just a day earlier she […]

The Rhyming Season

The Rhyming Season, by Edward Averett; Clarion Books: New York, zoo5; $16 When Brenda Jacobsen’s brother Benny died, basketball was never the same again. It wasn’t just basketball that changed. Her mom and dad didn’t get along well and then the lumber mill shut down. The whole town just seemed upside-down, especially when Brenda’s high […]

A Dog of War

Jack was sick… violently sick. These were the roughest seas they had encountered since leaving Newport News, Virginia, twelve days before. In the hold of the ship, where it was dark and musty, and the smell of diesel fuel assaulted his sensitive nose, Jack and his crate slid this way and that. His thoughts, once […]

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