November/December 2006

Of Governesses and Greasers

“Larissa! Get back from there.” The voice cut into Lacey’s musings like a knife, ripping her daydream and dumping her back in the present. To be precise, 1912. “I won’t have you standing that close to the edge of the deck,” Lacey’s governess, Mrs. Etchman, said apprehensively “What would your mother think?” “She’d probably be […]


The little brown dog huddled up against me breathes deeply knowing he is safe. Crickets chirp outside an owl hoots frogs croak but he sleeps through this snoring on my lap. His body is so warm with each slow breath he heaves his body pushes against mine and he knows that I am still with […]

Secrets in the Forest

Casping peered out of the curtains hiding her in the carriage speeding down a gravel road. A guard on the seat beside her grunted and reached over to pull her back inside. With a sigh of grief and understanding, Casping sat back against the silk-covered seat. She hung her head and let the burning sensation […]