November/December 2009


The gray sky wavers Between day and night. A distant train whistle blows Skimming the solidity of the moment. Quiet again, The atmosphere is unreal. No movement, Other than the occasional rustle Of wind stirring leaves. A brave bird calls out, Unsettled by the silence. No reply. The heavens lighten, Until finally The sun appears, […]

Where the Heart Is

Walking through the old, silent house was like walking through one of the photo albums in the big wooden chest in Liesa’s room. It pulsed with the heartbeat of memories as time stood perfectly still. Liesa’s thoughts echoed in her mind as the cool, dark house danced with shadows from the sun flitting through the […]

Little Audrey

Little Audrey, by Ruth White; Farrar, Straus and Giroux: New York, 2008; $16 I never imagined that people could live in a coal mining camp until I read Little Audrey. Author Ruth White brings this unimaginable existence to life in her latest work. Audrey White is a sickly eleven-year-old girl growing up with her mother, […]