November/December 2011


Forge, by Laurie Halse Anderson; Atheneum: New York, 2010; $16.99 Picture this: you are ordered to build a shelter in the icy, cold snow wearing an old, worn shirt and torn pants. You haven’t eaten since yesterday, and even that was just flour and water. Occasionally, you have water flavored with your friend’s old shoe, […]

Slipping on Raindrops

It was a funny, sunny afternoon when Something hit my cheek A cloud of a loud boom Came from above Then dark splattered all over the park Like black paint hitting white paper I ran as fast as I could, slipping on raindrops Zinnia Schwartz, 10Evanston, Illinois

Jess and Lizzy

  Jess sat dejectedly on the playground swing. She kicked the sand around her feet as if personally punishing it for her lack of friends. It wasn’t fair that she should have to sit here on this swing, lonely and bored, while the other kids had a great time. Her eyes flickered restlessly from face […]

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