October 2019

Why Frogs Croak in Wet Weather

Once there was no rain in the rain forest and then the cloud was being mean to god and god started to cry and the clouds felt bad so they turned gray and all the frogs croaked it’s okay it’s ok it’s ok Malcolm Dillehay, 9Gardiner, NY Bryan Lux, 9New Paltz, NY

Land of the Giiants

A description of the fantastical creature the giiant and its remote island Once upon an hour, there was a town called Chocolate Lemon. No, not “Chocolate Lemon,” but chO-cO-laht leh-mOne. This town only lasted for an hour in our time, but for millions of years in the time of the giiants. And no, that was […]

Artist Portfolio: Sierra Glassman

Sierra has submitted artwork to Stone Soup a grand total of 11 times, and nearly all the paintings, drawings, and photographs she has sent in share a single subject: birds. Birds flying, birds swimming, birds eating fish, birds protecting their chicks, even birds attacking other birds. I have to admit that, before seeing Sierra’s artwork, […]