October 2020

Plastic Permanence

The pyramids were made to remind people of a ruler But now something lasts longer and can fit in a cooler. Plastic is like a shapeshifting ooze. An eternally flexible yet strong fuse That is slowly burning to our explosive end. Pennies to make, Fortunes to break. Made of the remnants of before With a […]


Why do we take pictures? The ability to endlessly preserve is one of many modern fixtures. If we like a dish, we order another. Impossible to do with the birth of a brother. Capturing fireflies in a glass, Eventually they burn out and pass. Wedding cake in a freezer, Forever able to eat at one’s […]


Let me tell you a story about my family. *          *          * My great-grandfather was a great business man. My great-grandmother was a great person. He was short. As short as Napoleon, my mom says, even though she never knew him. *          *  […]