September/October 2001

The Magical Smile

My Burton had a taste for dramatics. Her daily schedule was crammed full of acting lessons, ballet, and auditions. Her room overflowed with masks, stage makeup, and old playbills. Every day after school she would walk over to the acting studio where she took musical theater classes. Often, she would come home with amazing news […]

That Small Whisper

“How did you sleep last night?” my sister Rose asks. She tosses back her honey-brown hair and hands me the breakfast bowl she just washed. “OK,” I reply, rinsing it, “but I woke up with a headache.” Rose is eleven, three years older than me, and usually we get along well. But today I am […]

Memoirs of a Soldier

On that day in 1939, Ben was only ten years old. Yet, as he sat sipping cream soda in his father’s store, his legs dangling off the high wooden stool, Ben felt almost as old and wise as Heinrich Goldberg, the ancient bookstore owner who had fought in the great World War. Yes, Heinrich knew […]