September/October 2002


The airport was almost empty, with only a few solitary people wandering about the terminal. The silence echoed throughout the building, surrounding us in a hushed stillness. Mom and I stood by the baggage claim and waited for her friend to come. “Mom,” I whispered. “I do not want to do this.” “Shush, Lena,” she […]

America Ever After

I love to go to the library walk through stacks and rows of books, picking whatever I like, the books pull me in. I can go on any adventure. I can sit and read all day, worming through them, reading out the whole shelf I am at home and somewhere else at the same time. […]

Phone Call

I had been water-coloring when my mom poked her head through the classroom door. She made eye contact with my teacher Diane, who nodded and told me to get my things even though it wasn’t even lunchtime yet and I’d never been able to eat my peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, which was a shame because I liked […]