September/October 2003

A Window by the Sea

Eve set her bags down with a sigh, and looked around. The room’s white walls stood out in stark contrast to the wood floors, the bed, with its antique-looking iron headboard and footboard and the patchwork quilt, and the bare walnut bookshelf. The only ornament in the room was an old-fashioned fishing net hanging on […]

Music from the Heart

“He’s back again?!” exclaimed Kaitlin, dropping her backpack on the floor. “What did the owners complain of this time?” Steve, the thirty-year-old manager of the animal shelter, replied, “Oh, the usual. He barks too much, bites, growls, and they simply can’t put up with him.” “Poor little Bullet,” she sympathized, going over to the sign-in […]

A Lasso for Adagio

I look back on that night and wonder why I was so scared. Was it the noises—or the fact I was alone, surrounded by water, with nothing overhead but the glittering stars and the Cheshire moon? That day began just like any other Thursday. At school I almost fell asleep in math class, and by […]