September/October 2005


“Your mother? Gone?” Lydia’s father asked. Lydia twisted her fingers around the edge of her battered suitcase and nodded. She didn’t open her mouth for fear she would say something she would regret. “Fever, Mr. Wainscot. She had it for months,” Sister Engels murmured, standing behind the eleven-year-old. “Months? Why wasn’t I informed?” Sister Engels […]

Chasing Vermeer

Chasing Vermeen by Blue Balliett; Scholastic Press: New York, 2004; $16.95 Have you ever gotten a letter that changed your life? Well, it was an amazing letter that started Petra and Calder, two classmates, on a great adventure searching for a stolen Vermeer painting. In this story, their teacher, Ms. Hussey, led her class to […]

Fairy Ship

Gently, I lower the little boat into the water, then watch as it drifts slowly out of sight I let my hand trail in the cool, clear water of the New Mexican mountain stream. It trickles like liquid crystal through my fingers, sending shivers up my back. Despite the pulsing warmth of the glowing July […]