September/October 2012

Royal Blue

“We’ll see who the better horse is tomorrow, won’t we?” I paced nervously back and forth in front of Royal Blue’s stall and wondered why Dad was taking so long talking to Mr. Fields. Mr. Fields wasn’t going to buy Royal Blue even if he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the successful racehorse, […]

The Jewel Case

I see you in a bowl Tantalizing me. I pick you up Your smoothness Goes unnoticed As I cut you into quarters Eagerly trying to get to Your ripeness. You are a red jewel case With red jewels inside you, Shimmering Like drops of blood. I take one jewel I put it to my lips […]

I’m Home

I saw the places where my parents grew up “Last boarding call for Flight 31 to Moscow, Russia. Last call for Flight 31.” The JFK PA machine was loud and clear, not fuzzy like usual, and I felt pained as I acknowledged that it was time to say goodbye to Dad. “Dad, promise me that […]