September/October 2014

My Grandmother’s Earrings

By Tatum Schutt Illustrated by Phoebe Wagoner “Why are you twisting your earrings like that?” So there I was, trying to keep my voice calm as I laid out my case to my archenemy on her front stoop. “You just have to promise,” I said, hating how my voice sounded so weak and pleading. Jess […]


This year, for a school project, Lilly was volunteering at a nursing home, or rather, she had been volunteered. It was not a pleasant prospect. From what she had heard from her older sister, Rose, it was basically just sitting around and listening to old people talk, talk, talk. Rose was the exaggeration queen, so […]


“Grab on!” I told it, though I knew it couldn’t understand me The sun slanted through the trees, lighting the forest with a warm glow. The day was surprisingly warm, being the middle of autumn. I climbed a sun-warmed boulder and stopped to catch my breath, letting my gaze drift through the part of the […]