September/October 2015

Spirit of Love

“I miss you so much,” I whispered, staring at her photo Perhaps it’s because we never know what happens to us after dying that makes the topic of death so intriguing. I never thought much of death until I was five years old. I remember asking my mother why the whole city of Guadalupe celebrated […]

The Scream in the Night

Something white fluttered through the trees It was a hot summer night when I first heard the scream. I sat up fast, the blankets tangled around my feet in a sweaty mass of itchy acrylic. My heart was pounding so hard that for a moment I wondered if it had only been a nightmare. But […]

Wake Up Missing

Wake Up Missing, by Kate Messner; Walker Children’s Books: New York, 2014; $7.99 “The most terrifying thing about hitting your head so hard is when you wake up missing pieces of yourself.” This is what the main character, Cat, tells the reader near the beginning of Kate Messner’s novel, Wake Up Missing. Cat is a twelve-year-old […]