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Illustration by Abhi

Love is a hard thing to explain. It’s incredible how much there is in love, that it can mean many different things. No matter where you are, or who you meet, love will always cheer you up. It’s like seeing a rainbow on a cloudy day, you know, when you see many clouds and you think the world looks gloomy when suddenly, a strike of light jumps through the clouds and you gasp so hard. This is a feeling that’s rare to experience, and this blog will talk about my thoughts about this wonderful emotion.

As we all know, love truly cannot be explained well. While some people find love as a relationship between two or more, others see it differently. I personally find love to be having an awesome time with someone, and just enjoying life. Love doesn’t always last forever, and sometimes, love can only be for a few minutes or even seconds! How my mind interprets love is that love is easy to go through, but hard to find. What I mean by this is that once you start forming a bond with someone, it is really easy to start a relationship full of love, but finding that specific person you like so much is something that has been hard for me to find for over five years! I think the most common start for love is your parents. Most parents will always protect their children, and take care of them at all costs. This for me is true love. This is something that happens once in a blue moon, and any free time I have at home, I always say in my mind, “Thank you God for this world, thank you for my parents and thanks for the life you have given me.”

Some people though, don’t really enjoy love as much as they should. Most people think love is a “girl loves boy” relationship. However, this is not completely true. While love can be a boy and girl having a bond, it can also just be good old memories and fun. I fear people these days are too picky about love, and they just dismiss the whole idea of love and focus on becoming popular instead. But you have to understand, love for me is simply this:

Love: When One Is Experiencing Joy And Happiness

This is very simple, and that’s how it should stay. Being too narrow about how you define love is that it closes you from experiences that could be awesome. If you continue to always be choosy about what love means, it makes me (and others) feel that you’re closeminded. I am by no means saying you need to come up with a very clear definition for love because love can be many things to many people. All I am saying is there are many ways to show love, and many things to love (people, animals, nature, God etc.) Love is a beautiful thing to behold, and one shouldn’t be too judgmental about it.

There is a saying that expresses what I mean here. It is “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” To put it simply, this quote is saying the best love is the kind that makes us happy, wanting more of it, and makes us feel peace inside our hearts. One shouldn’t be ungrateful and mean over what we have. God has given us an amazing life that is beautiful, like the gorgeous ocean and the wonders hidden deep inside it. No one man should judge or define love.

Love (just like in the quote) also means peace. A person doesn’t fight to bond with someone, and I’m sure everyone knows that. The reason I am telling you this is because some people like to force someone to love them by arguing with them right in their face. I can relate to this because I have a little brother, and he thinks I am his hero, but he always tries to argue to get my attention. This isn’t how people should find happiness. I have tried it myself with one of my friends in school. I sent her a card, always hung around her, and thought she would want to be my friend. She started to like me, and really bond with me, but inside my heart, I felt guilty and ashamed of myself because I thought I had “forced” her to like me.

As you already see from reading this blog, love is many things. It’s like exploring the entire Earth! You can’t possibly go through every inch of this planet, but you can still explore it. Love is quite the same. Before we talk more about love, I would like to say this to all the bullies out there. I won’t judge if you’re a bully or not, but I will tell you this. Look inside your heart, and look close and deep. See if you are doing the right thing, and ask this simple question, “Will this make me better? Will I be happy after all I have done?” I won’t criticize you, but please understand that question, and it’s way more important than you think it is.

I can go on and on about love, but I don’t think I can explain everything. To put it simply, I wrote this poem:

Love is a light shining in the night, love can be wonder and comets at sky. Who needs war when peace can shine free, and who needs bullies when bystanders can go and help thee. I can’t go judge and do whatever I want, but fighting through school is worse than a creepy night. Love can be here, love can be there.
Love is something to explore anywhere.

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