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Stone Soup contributor and 20-21 intern Anya Geist (14) interviews Stone Soup contributor Lena Aloise (11). They talk about artistic freedom, writers as composers, the online community of the Stone Soup Writing Workshop, and so much more! Watch the video to hear what Lena has to say.

Read some of Lena's writing here and here.

0:18 - How were you introduced to Stone Soup?

1:20 - What were your favorite parts about the Writing Workshop and Book Club?

2:08 - What is your favorite thing about writing?

3:53 - How long have you been writing?

5:00 - Do you have any writing advice for your peers?

6:22 - Do you think the writing you do for fun is different from the writing you do for school?

7:41 - If you could tell somebody about Stone Soup, what would you say?


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