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We know that these pictures can be hard to read, so we're including a transcript of the book below:

Illustrated by Lilly Marzec

Page 1:
Autism by João Fernandes
Some may act different but can have a great future
-João Fernandes

Page 2:
Table of contents
1. What is Autism?
2. Famous Autistic People
3. Why is autism aggressive or weird?
4. Information about my brother
5. Information about the illustrator
6. Glossary

Page 3:
What is Autism?
Autism is a disorder that can show up at 3 years. Scientists don't know how it shows up but scientist do know how to deal with it. Someone that helps with autism is called an aid. An aid is a person that is trained to help autism.
Dialogue: "Stop repeating!" "Stop!"

Page 4:
The three major concerns are: first, people with autism have a very hard time with social interactions. Secondly, they lack understanding and intuition about feelings of other people, and reasons for behavior. Thirdly, when it comes to language, people with autism find it very hard to use.
Dialogue: "Huh?" "Ha!"

Page 5:
the right words. Some repetitive behavior is also a feature of autism such:
stereotpy: repetitive hand flapping, body rocking. Repeatedly arranging items in a certain way. Engaging in ritualistic behavior.
Focusing and a limited range of behaviors and self-injury.

Page 6:
But Autistic people can have "a good life" if they have the brain to learn. On the next page you can learn about
-Thomas Eddison
-Albert Einstein

Page 7:
Chapter 2: Famous Autistic People
An autistic kid that had changed the world with the light bulb was Thomas Edison. When he was at school back then they did not know what was autism. So he got kicked out his homeschooled him.

Page 8:
Thomas Edison studied, did lots of reading, did experiments, by the time he learned electricity, he had made the worlds light. In a bulb.

Page 9:
Albert Einstein, the world's famous scientist. But did you know he had autism? The world's famous scientist was not the average kid you would see. He was quiet for about 5 years until his little sister was born. He learned how to read and write. He also learned how to use a violin.

Page 10:
He figured out about mc squared and mass but in the 1900s he had to prove it. But his brilliant mind could not be stopped.

Page 11:
Chapter 3: Why is autism can be weird or aggressive?
If you've ever seen an autistic kid acting aggressive or weird, you would wonder, why? It's because they don't know how to express their feelings. You may want to laugh or

Page 12:
stare. That's being mean and provoking the autistic person to do more.
Information about my brother Sergio

Page 13:
My brother Sergio was my first man to inspire me to make this book. If it wasn't for him, I would have no idea what was autism. He is in second grade in Mapple East, if you want to see cursive, it's now: Sergio F

Page 14:
Why I wanted to help Jhon (John)
I wanted to help John because I like drawing and coloring. Also I want to learn more about autism. Also I wanted to help him because he is an amazing person. We are in third grade.

Page 15:
Facts about me (Lilly Marzec)
-I like dance
-I have one dog (Molly)
-I have 2 brothers
-I have 1 sister
-I like singing
-I love making songs
-When I grow up I want to be a singer
-I love playing with animals
Lilly Marzec

Page 16: blank

Page 17:
Information about the author: Hi! I'm João (John) Fernandes. My brother has autism (left) his name is Sergio. My mother is a PhD. That inspired me to make this book.

Page 18:
Aid: Helps autism. Engaging, Charming & attentive.
Intuition: The ability to understand.
Lack: The state of being without.
Mass: gravity
Repeatedly: over and over again
Ritualistic: invariably performed
Stereotypy: The persistent repetition of an act for no obvious purpose

Page 19: blank

Page 20:
Hi! I'm João (John) Fernandes. I am the author. I have a list of almost everything about autism. Here's a picture of the brain.

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  1. John your book is really good, it made me learn a little bit more about autism. I am sure it will help other kids who doesn’t have the privilege to live with a special brother like Sergio to understand and respect autism people. Thank you.

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