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Do you know what video entertainment is perfect for 7 years old and up, and it’s also my favorite game?
Monopoly, Pac-Man, or Minecraft? You might have guessed it was Minecraft, so you are right! After all, six hundred million people played Minecraft in 2020!

The game has two formats: creative and survival, but I'm only telling you about creative because it is easier to explain. Not only is it a 3D video game world made out of cubes, even the people are made out of cubes! Also, you can make portals to the nether (which takes you to an underground cave.) In fact, it's a “sandbox” game because it lets you design anything just like children create worlds in a sandbox without specific rules. This world is the background and you add any details to it: houses, trees, or roads. Additionally, the blocks can be tapped apart with your fingers by pressing on the blocks for 2 to 3 seconds.

The PC version costs $26.99, although the good news is that you can play the original Minecraft for free with up to 9 friends. However, you have to pay for the clothing accessories for your avatar. In addition, you can pay with real money initially, so that you have the opportunity to use minecoins throughout the game instead of cash.

Wow! Did you know Microsoft purchased it for $2.5B in 2014?

Now, do you want me to tell you how to start to be a player??? To get you started, YouTube has tutorials or someone can show you that has experience. Without a doubt, the purpose of the game is not to win or lose, it's about creating a fantasy location with the materials that you earn or find.

Some people, especially parents, doubt that video games are healthy for you. In my experience, I feel more focused when I play and overjoyed when I finish a build that has taken me a long time to create. Furthermore, it helps me learn to organize the steps to make a build and makes me so curious that it sends me to do research. Also, you meet other kids that you would maybe never meet in person and establish a deeper friendship by using FaceTime or Zoom meet. One person can play on their own, but you can ask other people you know to join.

I hope I persuaded you to try Minecraft. After all, 200 million copies were sold in 2020!

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