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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

It was a certain beautiful afternoon. I was in our garden harvesting maize.

Our garden is situated in a swamp called Rhaga. Rhaga is a swamp situated in Nakivale where most inhabitants are locals, and not refugees. Our garden measures two hectars, which does give us a good amount of maize whenever we harvest. We hire a lorry to come and help us carry the harvested crops.

This afternoon I was very tired since we had been harvesting all morning wand the work is almost reaching the conclusion.

We were resting when some boys who were working in the next garden from ours started shouting. "Snake!!! Snake!!!"

All of a sudden my brothers ran to them to check what had happened.  I saw a black cobra running. I felt freezing because I was so scared. It looked like the one I always see in my documentary and movies.

The other guys were still yelling whereby my brothers went to hunt for it but they couldn’t find it.

It never harmed anyone, but until now I’m scared of going to Rhaga again.


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