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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I woke up in the beautiful morning. I thanked God and took shower then got dressed to go to the market. I saw a family. In that family there were two sisters who were teaching their mother. Their mother never had a chance to go to school which means that she could only speak their local language

She wanted to learn how to read and write. She asked them kindly to teach her and they accepted. But they never thought that one day they could teach their mother. They were surprised the way their mother believed in them.

Then they started to teach their mother from the alphabet like A,B,C...

Mother say A , Mother say B.

Their mother could repeat and although sometimes the mother could fail she never gave up. She kept on repeating because she knew that one day she would know how to read and write.

And the two sisters were young and were teaching their mother with respect and kindness, no matter how many times the mother failed they never bothered her, even when their mother couldn't understand easily what they were teaching, the two sisters knew that failure is never final. To fail and to succeed are all part of a human life. Their mother believed in them that through her children she would know how to read and write.




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