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If you saw that my dad was a pineapple, you’ll understand the concept of comparing humans to fruits or vegetables. This time, my mom is the one in question, and I think she can be compared to the dragonfruit (also known as the pitaya). You can do some research into it, but it’s a fruit that has, well, you’ll find out.

First is the skin, and unlike the pineapple, dragonfruit skin isn’t thick or hard; rather, it’s quite soft. However, it is still very uncomfortable to eat, as there are structures growing on the outside that look like leaves but are in reality quite rubbery. I tried chewing it once, and I sure would not recommend it to you. This is like my mom; she isn’t completely as strict as my dad, but she can be deceiving and unpredictable.

Next is the flesh, and very similarly to the pineapple, the flesh is soft and sweet, because my mom cares about me and wants me to be better in the future. There is a kind of dragonfruit that has red flesh and juice, and is very liable to stain your clothes and skin (and change the colour of your pee and poo). When eating these, you need to be very careful how you eat to not spray juice, like how trying to argue with my mom is like walking through a minefield; she can be surprising during these times and give a point that you didn’t expect. Best if you just listen, like with the dragonfruit with red flesh; you should just swallow the slice whole.

The third reason I have chosen the dragonfruit is because its outlook is quite similar to the pineapple, because my mom and dad have essentially the same ideals as each other. That’s actually a good thing, though, because even if your conversations with them are quite literally the same, it means fewer morals to remember if both parents say the same things.

Dragonfruit are confusing and unexpected, with different features to deal with. However, your parents probably wouldn’t have bad intentions, so some less tasty ones like bitter melon might be less likely. You can try these comparisons yourself if you want to. Oh, and remember to try to get some dragonfruit at the supermarket! Thank you for being here!


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